About Me
My name is Alex Chase. I live with my lovely wife of five years and our three kids Lilly, Mason, and Elizabeth in Long Beach, CA. I’m an aspiring chef who hopes to get his online cupcake business on the map now that my kids are in school and I have more time on my hands. I hear they are becoming niche again so maybe 2018 is my year…..
~Roleplay Account EST Jan 2012…..Alex is an RP character created by me this blogs and has no affiliation with Chad Duell~

Kitchen Nightmares|| Alex/Sarah:

After the hell that the past few weeks had been and the lack of orders that had reached his website because of it Alex was pleasantly surprised when Saturday afternoon he flipped on his tablet to check the site to see an email sent to his company’s site. The letter said how this person had seen him and his lovely partner on cupcake wars and while they were devastated to hear about the loss of his children they were pleased to see them return safely. After this the letter went on to say how precious children were and that he was planning a party for his daughter’s sweet 16 and wanted to order cupcakes….. lots and lots of cupcakes. Sure it wasn’t a 1,000 cupcake display with four flavors to be made in a set time however it was a good 300 of his famed nuttella raspberry to be shipped out promptly Monday morning and for that he couldn’t do it alone.

Picking up the phone he’d called Sarah who thankfully had no plans with David and was able to come over to get things done.